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Picture this: Your freezer breaks down. The temperature inside the freezer rises. The ice cubes start to melt and turn into liquid. The freezer starts to flood because of all the liquid from the ice cubes. Now, imagine that your freezer is the Earth. What your freezer has just experienced is similar to what happens to the Earth during global warming. Those who believe in global warming warn that it causes a significant rise in temperature in the Earth's atmosphere and oceans, but after doing much research on the topic, I have discovered that the threat of global warming is a bogus one. If the Earth's atmosphere was truly rising in temperature, we would see a significant rise in ice sheets melting, just like the ice cubes melted, but…show more content…

However, a 0.5 degree Celsius rise in temperature, according to many scientists, is not a significant amount over a hundred year time span. So there is absolutely no reason to panic. Therefore, because scientists exaggerate the rise in the Earth’s temperature, the world must not be getting warmer.
Lastly, mostly all who say global warming is occurring say humans cause global warming, but they are exaggerating. Global warming believers think that carbon dioxide is a major contributor to the rise in the Earth’s temperature. Those scientists say that human activities put most of the carbon dioxide in the air. In fact, only three percent of all the carbon dioxide in the air is generated by humans. If global warming is happening, humans definitely are not a significant cause. Nearly 18,000 scientists signed a petition saying there is completely no evidence that man is causing global warming. Because humans do not contribute a major amount of carbon dioxide in the air, humans cannot be responsible for the occurrence of global warming.
To conclude, global warming is a myth because of several reasons. First, if the Earth was getting warmer, ice sheets would be melting, but they are not melting. Next, the temperature on Earth has barely gone up in 100 years. And, lastly, those who say global warming is a fact say that humans

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The scientific community has warned that if greenhouse gas emissions keep increasing, the planet will reach a point of no return. Global warming will become catastrophic and irreversible.

The governments of more than 190 countries will be meeting in Paris on 7-8 December to try to reach a global agreement on climate change. Ahead of these COP21 climate talks, here are 15 world leaders talking about the imminent danger of climate change.

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Author: José Santiago, Digital Content Specialist, Public Engagement, World Economic Forum

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José Santiago, Digital Content Specialist, Public Engagement , World Economic Forum

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