3.05 Dna Replication Assignment

AssignmentFor this assignment, you will write an essay describing the production of protein molecules through transcription and translation. Your essay should include discussions of the following:■DNA■mRNA■RNA polymerase■base pairing■transcription■translation■tRNA■rRNA■ribosomes■amino acids■proteinBe sure to refer to the assignment’s rubric before submitting your essay to your instructor.Translation is the process in which ribosomes synthesize proteins using the mRNA transcript produced during transcription. At first, the mRNA binds with a ribosome so that it can be decoded one codon (three nucleotides) at a time. Each codon codes for an amino acid and so when each codon is read, a corresponding amino acid is activated. A tRNA molecule has two ends: one that has a specific binding site for a particular amino acid and another that has a particular sequence of nucleotides, an anticodon that can base pair with a codon. Appropriate tRNA molecules attach to and carry the activated amino acid to the ribosome. Anticodons pair

Pre-writng ActviTy for 3.05…DNA ReplicatonFor This assignmenT you are writng a summary abouT proTein synThesis. You will be focusing on Theprocesses of Transcripton and Translaton ThaT lead To The formaton of a new proTein. Remember, ThaTeveryThing you submiT MUS± BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS.FirsT, please noTe The key Terms ThaT you need To make sure are in your essay…1.DNA2.mRNA3.RNA Polymerase4.Base Pairing5.±ranscripton6.±ranslaton7.TRNA8.rRNA9.Ribosmes10.Amino Acids11. ProTeinPages 1 To 3 of The lesson go over The hisTory of discovering DNA, sTrucTure of DNA, DNA replicaton, and DNA vs RNA. Please be sure ThaT you Take noTes on These Topics, as you will see This informaton on DBAs, module exams, and semesTer exams.(Use The below pre-writng actviTy To help you organize your biological requiremenTs for your essay.)Now, look on page 4 in lesson 3.05…±he goal of Transcripton is To produce a complemenTary mRNA molecule from a segmenT of DNA±ranscripton occurs in

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