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I greatly appreciate the opportunity given to me to debate on the subject of peer pressure. I am against the statement that peer pressure is more beneficial than harmful. My position is that peer pressure is definitely more harmful than it is beneficial and I would love to present some compelling statistics that lend credence to my position.

But first, what is peer pressure? By definition, it is pressure from one’s peers to behave in a manner similar or acceptable to them. By definition, it doesn’t have any positive or negative connotations associated with it.

While peer pressure comes in all stages of life, it is most common in adolescents so allow me to focus my attention on this particular group. Teenagers are highly conscious about their images and are constantly worried about what others think of them and whether they fit in with their counterparts. They feel pressured to dress and behave in a certain way just so they could get accepted in their circles. They feel rushed into decisions that they are not ready to make just so they could look “cool”.

Peer pressure could be very harmful in that it could compel the uninformed to make bad decisions that could impact their careers and lives forever. Peer pressure could result in a person having a low self-esteem because they were too busy following others instead of developing an identity for themselves and working on originality. Peer pressure could result in people cultivating bad habits such as smoking, drinking and doing drugs that are very difficult, if not impossible, to break afterwards.

According to the website, a study made by American Lung Association shows that 3.2 million of American teens smoke. Out of this 3.2 million, 25% of them are aged 17 and 18 years old and that they smoke on a daily basis. The consumption is more prevalent than before as a result of their desire to fit in the group. According to the same website, the Kaiser Foundation shows that almost 50% of teenagers on adolescent stage between 12
years old to 18 years old compelled into sex. Based on a report from Adolescent Substance Abuse Knowledge Base 32.2% teens try their first drink before the age of 13.

As is evident, the negative effects of peer pressure are startling and unfortunately the number of adolescents being coerced into doing things against their will is growing year over year as confirmed by various surveys whose results are freely available all over the web for any rational person to analyze and fathom the severity of the situation.

In conclusion, it is my fervent hope that teachers and parents become aware of the situation and advise the students about the ill effects of peer pressure. I would like to see parents and teachers take a more active part in the students’ lives and reward them for good behavior. I believe that the influence of parents and teachers on adolescents would be far more positive as compared to the influence of peers due to the experience and wisdom that parents and teachers bring to the table.

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  • You are with the wrong people.

    Peer pressure is marked as a bad thing every turn you take because we as humans have no interest in good things happening. No matter who you are, bad things interest you more than good things. Peer pressure is often marked as being forced to do something you do not agree with; something that goes against your sense of ethics. Common examples are "being forced into" having sexual relations with a person, doing "drugs" or drinking underage. Less common, but still pretty common are fashion trends or political views. How you classify a stereotype. Your feelings about a person. The majority of what has been said are examples of negative peer pressure, and yes there is more but drugs, drinking, etc, is rare.. You only hear about it the most because it is more interesting than what else I listed. The reason negative peer pressure happens is because humans are social beings and we want to belong. We do what we believe others want us to do, or what they ask us to do for acceptance. But no one is forcing you, it only feels so because it makes you uncomfortable or you read about someone "being forced" to do so. You want to be cool or popular or whatever it is called so you do dumb things for acceptance. Yes this all goes back to it seeming bad but i am getting to why most of you are wrong. Peer pressure is influence from a members peers. So the influence the people you are always around, give you. If you are around the wrong type of people, that will cause a negative influence. So it all depends on who you are around. IF you even read this far.... Are you ready for examples of positive peer pressure? -friends helping you with school work so you understand it better so you can pass. -parents teaching you to be kind to others -paying attention to whatever -etc. Every good thing your friends or family got you doing is examples of positive peer pressure. It is only bad if you allow it to be. An example of positive peer pressure i experienced is something i caused. A girl at my school cut, and smoked. I began to talk to her and try to see what was wrong. I found out but that is classified intel... Therefore i began to get her to go out with my friends and i to the movies and etc so she could take her mind off it for a while and get better. She does not cut, smoke, or anything else and when she feels like she is going to relapse we go do another fun activity. Sounds positive. But stories like so is not something humans care about. So that is why everyone thinks peer pressure is only a bad thing. If you believe my side of the debate is invalid, well i honestly dont care. Im 14. But im also correct.

  • Peer pressure is beneficial not harmful.

    Peer pressure is beneficial not harmful. People only think about the negative because of media and in everyday life a big percentage of people find the negative thing more interesting. Nobody's interested when good things happen, its when the bad things happen and the media gets straight to work, trying to get the situation as negative as possible. Yes, there are bad things about peer pressure such as your peers getting you to take drugs or to drink alcohol under aged. But that's about it. There are so many positives, to many I can't list them all. Peer pressure can get you trying new things, enjoying something you wouldn't of thought that you'd of enjoyed, help you learn from your mistakes and grow as a person. There are so many more. Just because you've read a magazine and it says something, or your friend is telling you something, check again. Search the web, ask others about what they've heard, because it's most likely your friend has got it from a source that has rarely any good things. A magazine on celebs for example. Media always shows the negative not te positive. It's time to prove to people that things aren't true and they shouldn't judge people or something from what they've read, because the chances are that these things weren't as worse as they seem to be. Peer pressure is beneficial NOT harmful!

  • Peer pressure is harmful

    Peer pressure is the influence that forces one to do what they do not like and acquire bad habits. Peer pressure compels us to adopt certain habits that can ruin our life . It is possible that you do not smoke or do not like partying every weekend . But peer pressure is very powerful . It can turn you from a non- smoker to a chain smoker . Many people drink against their will just because of peer pressure. Peer pressure can also make you a drug addict . Thus, i say peer pressure can just destroy and ruin your life. Its harmful.

  • It depends on youu

    It is up to you if it becomes a bad thing. If they are doing something you know is wrong but you do it anyway to be "cool" and what not, that is your fault. It honestly depends on the people you surround yourself with. If you are near the people with manners and who pay attention in class and obey rules, then it will rub off on you. Peer pressure is influence from a member's peers. So it is up to who you hang around. It is only a bad thing if you make it one

  • It depends on youu

    It is up to you if it becomes a bad thing. If they are doing something you know is wrong but you do it anyway to be "cool" and what not, that is your fault. It honestly depends on the people you surround yourself with. If you are near the people with manners and who pay attention in class and obey rules, then it will rub off on you. Peer pressure is influence from a member's peers. So it is up to who you hang around. It is only a bad thing if you make it one

  • No peer pressure is not harmful its beneficial.

    We always blame the bad things first but why could we think about the positive thing. Peer pressure can never said to be bad.It helps to change our pesonality.Many people told that friends force us to do wrong things such as having drugs or alcohol.The first point against this can be said that those persons who force us to do wrong things knowing that we are not comfortable then they did not deserve to be call as friends.

  • Im on both sides

    Peer pressure makes u do better on grades. But in life, peer pressure makes us depressed and people then usually takes drugs and they eventually become unhealthy. But, since peer pressure is a everyday thing that happens, we shall learn to deal with it, and take advantage with it. Okay, im done .

  • In my opinion

    I totally agree that peer pressure is not at all harmful. It's all about the way you take things
    It helps you learn new things. And as for the talk that your friends force you into something you don't wish to do, they are not your friends and don't deserve to be called so.

  • Historical. Expression That peer pressure. Is much likely to take away the liflife.

    Even one of the biggest Biggest history. The Great Mahabharata. Teaches us. That peer pressure. Can even. Risk. Family as well. As life......
    "Karn"one of the hero of Mahabharata. Looses his life , only due to his great friendship. With "Duryodhan" -a person. With I'll intension.
    Even Karn fought against his real family (pandavs) due to his friendshifriendship, Who owed him to stay away and act against his own blood.
    Karn always wanted to be with. Krishna As he knew who stands on right way but he could
    not have it due to his commitment to his friend.
    This also proves thathat even our willpower bows down in front of peer pressure

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