Epistar Cree Comparison Essay

With the advanced improvement of LED technology, LED lights are accepted by more and more people. Many manufacturers produces LED lights contains LED chips inside, which included the common brand CREE and EPISTAR.

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People who like offroad race will know about LED lights, people who know LED lights also know about LED chips: CREE and EPISTRA. However, what is the difference between the CREE and EPISTAR.



The difference is very obvious—quality. CREE is a well-know American manufacturers, this does not mean all CREE chips are built in the USA. Cree chips are up to 30% brighter than EPISTAR, even through the cost of purchasing CREE LED light bar is 30% to 40% higher. Cree is by far the leading innovator of lighting class. What’s more, CREE led light bar has longer lifespan, almost lasts for 50000 hours.






Epistar LEDs are made in Taiwan and will have a very good performance at the first stage being lighted on. EPISTAR LEDs have been known to fade after 1000 hours of use. The warm white color is changed to an ugly color, because the bad fluorescent powder is being used when package.



So CREE chips are a fantastic option for off road led lights and have become the most popular brand for consumers. While Cree does not actually produce final products there elements can be seen across the globe in many companies’s products. When you purchase the CREE led lights, which doesn’t mean you bought a “made in USA” product, and also doesn’t mean you bought a high-quality LED products.

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Let’s make an example. We sometimes can purchase CREE products which are cheaper than well-known offroad led lights website, such as rigidindustries and superbrightleds. However, cheaper led light bar sometimes is the chance you are getting an EPISTAR built light bar. When you purchase one from a well-known vendor, they will sell you a legitimate light bar. We have seen countless CREE led lights and the actual light bar was a knock off and was Epistar. This happens all the time and people get ripped off every day.


In our website: Auxbeam.com. We will be offering both CREE and Epistar options for more customers according to their application and financial ability. Our led light bars have 1 year warranty and free shipping to US & AU. Welcome to visit our website and get what you want.

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