Edld 5397 Week 4 Assignment Ddba


EDLD 5333 Leadership for Accountability 


Use the following rubric to guide your work.

TasksAccomplishedProficientNeedsImprovementUnacceptableWeek 4 Assignment: Action Planning and Professional Growth

Part 1:Create acampusaction plan

Completesaction planwith all criticalelements fromthe lecture andPowerPointaddressed.Includes aminimum of threestrategies/activities toaddress theobjective inthe actionplan.

(10 points)

Completesaction planwith five to sixcriticalelements fromthe lecture andPowerPointaddressed.Includes twostrategies/activities toaddress theobjective inthe actionplan.

(8 points)

Completesaction planwith one tofour criticalelements fromthe lecture andPowerPointaddressed.Includes onestrategy/activity to addressthe objectivein the actionplan.

(7 points)

Does notcomplete anaction plan.

(0 points)Part 2:Complete anagenda foroneprofessionaldevelopmentday.

Develops aprofessionaldevelopmentagenda thatconnectsdirectly to thegoal andobjectivestated in theaction planand includesthe topic,subtopic, andstrategies/activities for theagenda’sdelivery.Completes adetailedtimeline andevaluationplan for follow-up professionalDevelops aprofessionaldevelopmentagenda thataddresses thegoal/objectivecited in theaction plan butdoes notspecifystrategies/activities todeliverprofessionaldevelopment.Creates afollow-up planthat lackssufficientdetail fortimeline and/orevaluationplan.Develops aprofessionaldevelopmentagenda thatfails to addressone of thefollowing: thegoal/objectivecited in theaction plan ora follow-upplan forprofessionaldevelopmentandimplementation.

(7 points)

Does not tietheprofessionaldevelopmentagenda to thegoal/objectivestated in theaction plan orstatestrategies/activities forprofessionaldevelopmentdelivery. Doesnot create atimeline orfollow-upprofessionaldevelopment.

(0 points)

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