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 A Separation

 ResponseThe 2011 ran !ilm

 A Separation

" #irec$e# %& 'sghar Farha#i" $ells $he s$or& o! $he in$erac$ions %e$(een $(o ranian !amilies !rom #i!!eren$ classes) '!$er *ie(ing $his mo*ie" i$ is no surprise $ha$ i$ (on an 'ca#em& '(ar# !or +es$ Foreign ,anguage Film in 2012) This !ilm o!!ers *ie(ers an insigh$ in$o $he -u#icial s&s$em o! ran) 'sghar Farha#i #oes an e.cellen$ -o% o! using $his !ilm $o gi*e $he (orl# an accura$e *ie( o! par$ o! ran/s cul$ure an# socie$&)

 A Separation

 con$ains man& #i!!eren$ $&pes o! separa$ions o$her $han $he o%*ious one o! imin an# Na#er) One o! $hese separa$ions is $he separa$ion %e$(een $he social classes) This is illus$ra$e# %& imin an# Na#er/s !amil& an# Raieh an# Hoi-a$/s !amil&) imin an# Na#er/s !amil& is mi##le class) This is e*i#en$ %& $heir house) The& ha*e i$ems $ha$ appear $o %e !rom all o*er $he (orl# an# $he& ha*e !ancier appliances" such as a #ish(asher an# a re!rigera$or (i$h an ice #ispenser on $he #oor) +o$h imin an# Na#er (ork -o%s) imin is a $eacher an# Na#er (orks a$ a %ank) Raieh an# Hoi-a$/s !amil& is lo(er class on $he o$her han#) Their house is no$ as nice as imin an# Na#er/s is) The ki$chen is #ing& an# $he li*ing room %arel& has an& !urni$ure) This class is marke# %& $heir high illi$erac& ra$e" per!ormance o! manual la%or" an# generall& marginal$ence ocial) Raieh an# Hoi-a$ !i$ $he pro!ile o! a $&pical mem%er o! $he lo(er class in ran) Raieh has $o $ake a -o% #oing manual la%or $aking care o! Na#er/s !a$her e*en $hough she is pregnan$ an# has oma&eh (i$h her) This separa$ion %e$(een $he classes causes man& o$her separa$ions !or $he charac$ers) For e.ample" Termeh an# oma&eh ha*e *er& #i!!eren$ chil#hoo#s %ecause o! $heir social classes) oma&eh has $o go $o (ork (i$h her mo$her

Essay on Separation of Powers in the US Government

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The separation of power throughout the united states government prevents one part of the government from becoming so strong that it can infringe on the freedom of the governed (Bernstein 24). The united states government is a representative republic. A representative republic is a type of democracy where the people elect representatives to vote for them in the nations matters, rather than having every person vote on every single election and issue. The U.S. government is separated into three main branches, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. Each branch has its own powers and weaknesses and they must all work together to govern the country (Bernstein 24). The United States system of government is largely credited to James…show more content…

The founders considered absolute power dangerous even over only one branch of the government (Brannen 160). In laymans terms it is the idea of dividing the power through different parts of the government so no one gets too much power. Every government with a constitutional system based on the separation of powers provides for a system of checks and balances (separation of powers checks and balances are the powers given to each branch that allows it to limit the power of the other branches (Brannen 160). One branch in the United States government is the executive branch. The executive branch is responsible for implementing and administrating the public policy enacted by and funded by the legislative branch (separation of powers: an overview). The executive branch is also responsible to put laws into operation, negotiate treaties, negotiate taxes, wage war, appoint judges, diplomats, a cabinet and department heads. Through the attorney general the executive branch has the right to prosecute crimes. Also through the police the executive branch has the power to arrest, detain, and search citizens (separation of powers The president is the highest officer in the executive branch of the federal government, with the primary responsibility for enforcing the nations laws (Brannen 160). Executive officials may only be removed from office by impeachment for and

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