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Jazz is termed as the musical fusion developed by combining R&B rhythms and funk, and amplifying electronic effects of rock music. Jazz music is known to have originated in the southern region of United States, and was composed by African-Americans. Jazz is an incorporation of music from the nineteenth century, and that of the twentieth century. In addition to this, jazz music display high level of creativity by its application of instrumental techniques. This paper entails a report of a jazz concert I attended in recital hall in the school of music at 7.30 pm on 25th of October this year. It was evident that there was utmost coordination between the vocalists, drummer, pianist, guitarists. The vocalist began the concerts with I hear a rhapsody by Baker, Gasparre, and Fragos. This was followed by Strayhorn’s Chelsea Bridge which had a relaxing mood, and created a peaceful atmosphere.

It was my first jazz concert to attend, and I had no idea of the fusion of jazz music, and the energy associated with the live performance. Even though the concerts only lasted an hour, it was one of my best moments, and would be more than willing to go to other concerts. The rhythmical flow of words from the vocalists had a soothing effect that defines music from the 19th century. On the other hand, Brendan bull displayed various techniques in playing the drums. Just listening to the band it was obvious that the band had been performing together for years.  They played a couple of songs such as grovin high, speak no evil, triste, I concentrate on you, and meditation. The best part of the concert was when the vocalists hit high notes, and the drummer, guitarist, and the pianist would act on the instruments as they approached the climax. The concert was an event to remember, and it gave me the guts to prefer live music to dead music, in other words, music produced in studios.

Brendan bill was really great on the drum, next to him was Justin tsugranes the guitarist who understood what the audience wanted. On the other side, the vocalists were backed up by Phil Jones the bass guitarist, Will Sinclair the pianist. The band had a melodic style where they would speed up and slow down to extreme tempo scales. The combination of the three sounds creatively produced a wonderful rhythmical sound that truly defines jazz music. The concert was finalized with Taylor’s song I wish I knew how it would feel to be free. The excitement and energy in the audience kept the concert alive, it was a pity that the concert only lasted an hour. However, as time goes, the quality of music improves and this is influence by improvement of competitiveness of different musicians. However, piracy has been one of the problems facing the upcoming musician. Unlike in the past, music is leaked and pirated by others who earn a lot of money by selling the records at cheaper prices.

The world we live in is changing drastically, as a result of all the new discoveries that have been made over the years. These new discoveries have been aided by the production of quality music and hence attracting more fans. These includes of better facilities and equipments used in studios in music production (Larkin, 2004). As scientists continue to discover and invent new equipment, the world is adapting them and incorporating them in the societies and music world. It is evident that music is growing massively, and changes with the changing of fashion and modernization. Successful musicians are considered to be those that keep the trend of the development and coming up with new styles.

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