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In this prompt, admissions officers are looking to both demystify what a Jesuit education is as well as allow you to advocate on behalf of your own values, fitting your personal and academic goals into these Jesuit tenants. “Personal goals and academic interests” are relatively easy topics to approach (just talk about yourself), but fitting that into the Jesuit ideals will be the challenge. The objective of this essay is to move your goals and interests forward into the years you will spend in, possibly, a Jesuit college like BC.


The prompt lists four different subsections, so feel free to touch on one of them or all of them. However, just be wary that if you choose to tackle a multitude of these ideas, your substance and depth may take a sharp hit.


With “the importance of the liberal arts and sciences,” admissions officers want to see a passion for the wide gamut of learning as not just a career preparatory tool, but a rigorous process to tackle the great problems our world faces. If you want to be a chemist and study chemistry, but also want to fully take advantage of a liberal arts curriculum and a more humanistic approach to chemistry, talk about how you are also passionate about classes like Roman Religion and Introduction to African Diaspora Studies, both of which BC offers.


With “character formation,” you could talk about a test of character that you’ve faced or a difficult circumstance you’ve had to overcome. Talk about how that trial influenced your personal goals and academic interests, and how it will continue to do so in college. Maybe you want to major in biology at Boston College because of a close family member that passed away from cancer — you want to fight for not only people like her, but also low income patients in rural areas who may not have access to a state-of-the-art medical facility.


With a “commitment to the common good,” you can easily slide in work that you’ve done to benefit those around you, whether it is through a volunteering organization, a personal project, or an experience away from home. This could then tie into what you want to study and how you want to grow in college to keep pursuing a similar line of work. If you are passionate about education, you could talk about how you want to pursue activities at Boston College like the school’s branch of Project Sunshine, in which you work with kids suffering from medical challenges.


With “living a meaningful life,” think about the values you want to live by. Are they the values espoused by your religion, a personal role model, or your own identity? For example, if you are active in a mosque, talk about how you will join Boston College’s Muslim Student Association to further involve yourself with the Muslim community. Feel free to mention what you want to study and what you want to do after college, as long as you supplement these thoughts with why you want to do them, and what motivated you to do them. Fit these values into the mission of Boston College, and you will be good to go!

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General Information about the college essay and Overview:

The college essay is arguably the most important and potentially most difficult part of the application process. It may take multiple months to come up with a finished product for the common application essay. This is an applicant’s chance to create an unfiltered product, something that goes directly from the applicant to the admissions board. This is why the essay is of vital importance and holds such weight. Below are links to help you through the essay process. They are separated by links to help with background info, picking college application essay topics, writing the essay, resources to receive feedback and examples of successful essays as well as links for supplemental essay help.


A Quick Note on College Application Essay Topics and College Admissions Essay Topics:

There is no set topic for a college essay. In actuality a college essay can be about almost anything because the common app questions are so vague. It just has to accomplish a few key goals. It has to be well written, demonstrate the writer's "voice", leave an impression on its reader, be personal in nature, reveal something about the writer and give its reader a sense of the writer as a person. One of the most difficult parts of the essay process is to come up with a great topic to write about, however any topic can be suitable. There are ways to brainstorm potential topics and they are in below. It is normal to go through more than ten essay drafts to determine a suitable essay topic and then through multiple more drafts on that final essay topic to create a finished product. 


Ways to Brainstorm College Essay Topics:

Think of answers to these questions. They may bring up some topics you want to write about or explore deeper. Also reading other successful essays serves as inspiration and demonstrates what needs to be accomplished, do this before brainstorming. Scroll up to “exclusive college essay examples” on this page.

- Think back to your earliest memory. Is that a story you want to tell?

- What makes you unique?

- How does your family view you differently from your friends? What caused this difference in opinion?

- What is your passion in life? What sets your heart on fire? How did you discover this?

- What is something only a few people know about you? What is something about yourself that only you know?

- What do you think about when you are alone?

- What events have led you to becoming a more mature person? What forced you to grow up?

- Are there certain things or activities that you avoid and that many people around you take part in? Why?


Also see if the common app essay prompts spur any ideas:


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