Flight Attendant Cover Letter Free Sample

Flight Attendant Cover Letter

Flight Attendants make passengers feel comfortable during flights and see to their safety. Essential duties of these professionals are serving refreshments, performing safety demonstrations, helping passengers to their seats, offering blankets and sleep masks, answering to passenger requests, and cultivating the relationship between the airline and its customers. They play a vital role during emergency situations by reporting to crew, providing directions, performing first aid, and guiding passengers towards emergency exits.

A sample cover letter for Flight Attendants showcases the following abilities:

  • The ability to remain calms during emergencies and stressful situations
  • Excellent health and fitness
  • A clear speaking voice
  • Decision making and tact
  • Knowledge of one or more foreign languages
  • A professional appearance and the ability to reach overhead bins

A cover letter example displaying similar Flight Attendant requirements is available below.

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Dear Mr. Smith:

Upon learning of your posting for a Flight Attendant, I hastened to submit my resume for your review. With my enthusiasm and professionalism, along with my dedication to providing excellent customer service throughout my 10+ years of experience, I am confident that I would quickly become a valuable member of your team.

My background lies in understanding customer needs and providing superior client travel experiences. Backed by my strong inner motivation and my ability to collaborate with peers and management teams, I excel at providing exceptional organizational and relationship-building capabilities while achieving unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.

Highlights of my experience include:

  • Communicating directly with a wide variety of customers and personalities and providing outstanding customer service to ensure repeat airline business.
  • Listening to customer concerns and needs and offering timely and professional responses for maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Balancing multiple tasks within fast-paced, customer-facing environments.

With my proven commitment to building strong customer relationships, I am excited to offer my record of excellent service to your team at Friendly Skies. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this position and my qualifications with you further. Thank you for your consideration.


Virginia J. Batlen

Jan Polack

78, South Street,

Vaughan ON 99Y 3P9


January 7th, 2013


Ms Petra North

HR Manager

Air Quebec

999, East Street,

Montreal QU D3Q 8U2


Dear Ms. North,


I am writing to submit my Resume as a job application for the position of Flight Attendant at Air Quebec in Canada, as advertised in the Montreal Time newspaper. After reading carefully the requirements of the posting in great detail, I found myself a suitable match for this job. Skilled with relational, enthusiastic customer service and hospitality qualities, I am certain in my ability to integrate efficiently into your team.


I posses a wide range of skills in the hospitality and tourism industry, my interest always moved towards the air transport. To share experiments effectively inside a team, to build up and offer support and services to the clients of different nationalities and cultures motivated me to select an occupation of flight attendant. My mission is to serve the people and to ensure their well being, comfort and safety during their flying experience in and out of the plane. I strongly advocate that my mission will be of perfect addition to your cabin crew members.


Like a fresh and passionate candidate, I would welcome the challenge to meet with you to talk about how my education, experience and skills will be beneficial for Air Quebec. I will contact you by mobile phone or skype next week in order to find any possibilities of interview. If you need any additional information in the meantime, I can be reached at (339) 778-7865 or via mail at jan.polack@polack.com.


Thank you very much in advanced for your time and consideration.


Kind Regards,


John Polack (Signature)

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