Juvenile Justice Essay Prompt

  • Strategies in preventing juvenile delinquency in foster children
  • What are three clever strategies you can come up with which will curb the high likelihood in foster child delinquency?

  • Our foster care system is flawed
  • Discuss how the foster care system in your state or country is flawed and how this system contributes to juvenile delinquency.

  • Three factors that contribute to juvenile delinquency
  • Name three contributing factors to juvenile delinquency and discuss how these problems can be approached by the government and community.

  • School programs to counter juvenile delinquency
  • What are some middle school program strategies that can be implemented to prevent and counter juvenile delinquency?

  • Parental contributions to juvenile delinquency
  • What influence do parents have on children and how can they use that influence to prevent juvenile delinquency?

  • Bullying can lead to juvenile delinquency
  • Bullying can be an early gateway to eventual delinquency. Discuss this theory.

  • Better drug education for kids
  • Drug abuse forms a large percentage of child offenses. Discuss strategies of better education on drug abuse for schools.

  • Methods of preventing truancy in children
  • Come up with three helpful methods for preventing truancy in children, and also mention how truancy can lead to more serious crimes.

  • Mentoring programs that prevent juvenile delinquency
  • Suggest some one-on-one mentoring programs where influential people can talk kids out of ruining their lives.

  • Demonizing stolen property
  • What are some ways that educational programs can demonize theft among youngsters?

  • Subtle causes of juvenile delinquency in television
  • Does TV have an influence on the way kids act? Should we opt for less violence, drug use, and sexual references on television programs?

  • Growing up too fast: Teens that commit crimes and the solution
  • Crime in teenagers often stems from parental issues and being forced to grow up too quickly. How do these situations produce juvenile delinquents and how can this be prevented?

  • It takes a village to raise a child
  • Ways a community can get involved in the lives of individual children who need help.

  • Signs of potential delinquency in children: What teachers need to know
  • How can teachers pick up signs of possible future delinquency in children?

  • Teaching infants empathy to prevent juvenile delinquency
  • Is there a way to train a small child in emotional intelligence and the ways of empathy?

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