Descriptive Essay Topics For 6th Graders

Middle school is a challenging time for any student, and it’s important to give kids the tools they need to succeed. Daily writing prompts are one of the most effective ways to help kids learn how to express themselves and that their thoughts and ideas matter. 

In these new 6th grade writing prompts, your students will spend time writing about important issues and interesting questions that help them get to know themselves better. They’ll think about their aspirations, their fears, and their interests—and they’ll consider questions on topics such as politics, identity, and the future.

 6th Grade Writing Prompts

1. What is your greatest aspiration?

2. What do you want to be when you grow up? How will you get there?

3. What challenges do immigrants in our country face?

4. Do you think there is anything only a man or woman can do?

5. When do you feel happiest? Why?

6. Write a short story about a 6th grader with a big secret to keep.

7. Have you ever felt different or left out? How did it make you feel?

8. Who is the most inspirational person in your life? How does he or she inspire you?

9. What is the most selfless thing you’ve ever done? Why did you do it?

10. Do you prefer giving or getting gifts?

11. Write about a time when you were wrong about something you thought you knew.

12. Have you ever gotten lost? What did you do? Where did you go?

13. What is your greatest fear? Why does it make you feel afraid?

14. What is the best way to make conversation with someone new?

15. What do you believe in?

16. What is the best way to talk to someone with different political beliefs?

17. What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend?

18. What do you friends think of you? How would they describe you? Do you think it’s accurate?

19. Do you believe in horoscopes? Why or why not?

20. Write a short story about a kid who finds a map for hidden treasure.

21. Have you ever taken a personality test? What results did you get?

22. Where do you want to go to high school? Why?

23. When you imagine yourself in 20 years, where do you want to be?

24. Write about a time you encountered someone who was hard to talk to. What did you do?

25. Where do you go when you need to focus on something? Does it help you?

26. What is the most challenging thing about growing up today?

27. How would you describe yourself in three words? Why did you choose them?

28. Who was your favorite teacher? Why was he or she special?

29. Write about a time you did something for a friend that you didn’t want to do. How did you feel afterward?

30. Do you feel like a kid or a teenager? Do you ever feel more like one than the other?

31. Write about a time when you saw someone being bullied. What did you do?

32. What is the best way to cheer someone up on a bad day?

33. Do you consider yourself to be a good listener? Why or why not?

34. What is the most valuable lesson you’ve ever learned?

35. Have you ever told a lie that got blown out of proportion? What happened?

36. Who is a strong role model for boys today? Why?

37. Who is a strong role model for girls today? Why?

Use these 6th grade writing prompts to help your students form opinions and explore their ideas on paper. After spending some time writing each day, students will get better at presenting clear arguments, identifying causes and effects, and expressing their thoughts with confidence.

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Encourage your middle schoolers to try these descriptive essay prompts, and watch their creative writing go from black and white to technicolor!

1. Welcome to the 22nd Century

Describe the car, house, or workplace of the future. Which familiar items are missing? What new technology has developed, and how does it contribute to our well-being, comfort, or convenience?

2. One Day Each Year

Birthdays are celebrated in many different ways. Describe birthday festivities in your house, including the food, the gifts, and favorite family traditions.

3. Mainstreet, USA

Your pen-pal and his parents are thinking of moving to your hometown. Describe your town or city, especially the sights and scenery it offers to curious visitors.

4. Dare to be Different

Think of the most unusual person you have known: their personality, their external qualities, and their unique point of view (background and special knowledge). Try to capture this amazing person on paper.

5. Surfing and Snowflakes

Would you rather spend an evening stoking bonfires by the beach, or throwing snowballs at your best friend? Describe your favorite season, including the activities that make it so appealing to you.

Did your kids enjoy these descriptive essay prompts? Be sure to check back each week for more Writing Prompt Wednesdays!

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