Assignment Cover Sheet Uon

Submitting an assessment

See below for the ways you may need to submit an assessment. Check your course outline for submission details of each assessment.


You can directly upload your assessment or assignment to your lecturer or tutor in UONline and receive this back, along with your grade.

Check submission instructions under your course details in Blackboard.


You may also need to submit your assessment through Turnitin in UONline.

Turnitin is an electronic text-matching system which allows you to revise your assessment and check for plagiarism and referencing issues prior to final submission.

When you pre-submit to Turnitin, it will provide an originality report and you are given the opportunity to revise your work based on this report, before finally submitting your assessment.

The lecturer or tutor marking your assessment is able to see your final originality report. Turnitin doesn't make judgments on whether you have plagiarised, but helps assessors determine the originality of your work.

Assessments submitted to Turnitin are compared against:

  • the internet
  • papers submitted to Turnitin by other students (the University of Newcastle and other universities)
  • Proquest online journal databases.

Your course coordinator will advise if an assessment is to be submitted through Turnitin.

Find out more information on Turnitin originality checks or viewing originality reports.

In person

Some assessments are submitted in person to your course coordinator, or at your faculty or school office.

Assessment item cover sheets

  • Assessment item cover sheet (individual) (DOC, 54KB)
  • Assessment item cover sheet (individual) (PDF, 62KB)
  • Assessment item cover sheet (group) (DOC, 81KB)
  • Assessment item cover sheet (group) (PDF, 295KB)
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