Wjec Maths Gcse Topics For Essays

How did well did you think you did in the maths exam. Obviously I can't give you a list of topics for the non calculator paper now, but here is a list of likely topics for the calculator paper:
Trigonometry- Sin, Cos, Tan.

Pythagoras’ Theorem.

Sineand cosine rules.

Solving quadratics using theformula.

Circle theorems.


Difference of two squares.

Simplifyingalgebraic fractions.

Solving equations with algebraicfractions.

Percentages/reverse percentages.


Reflections, rotations, translation,enlargements.

Averages from frequency tables.


Shading inequalities.

Sine, Cosine, Tangentgraphs.

Transformations of functions.

Changing thesubject of the formula.

Finding the equation of aline/midpoint etc.

Drawing quadratics/cubics.

Trapeziumrule and slope of tangents.

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